Tama English Rules

Stefan Dorra
LaudoStudio 2019
Boardgame-App for 1-2 players
Online and offline game
Deutsche Spielregel

Tama is a strategic board game for 1-2 players, available in Google Play Store. You can play against any player worldwide or against the computer.

The game board consists of 121 fields. In turns each player makes a move. There are 2 different moves.

Place: When you tap on an empty space an own ball (tama) is placed there.

Expand: When you swipe up, down, right, or left, you expand your area if the adjacent fields are still empty.

White and Black have each set 3 balls in their first moves.

White expands his territory to the right and occupies 3 new fields.

The player who occupies most of the fields with his balls wins the first match. Then there is a return game, which starts the other player. The player who receives the most points in the first and second leg wins the game.

In other games there are additional elements (blockers, fireball, lave and flood) to explore and skillfully use.

Level Mode: Player vs. PC
As soon as the first match (first game and return game) has been won, the next level will be unlocked. You get points for each game you win. However, there are no negative points for a lost game. So you can play a game as many times as you want to increase your score.

Multiplayer one device: Player vs Player
In this mode, 2 players can play against each other on a smartphone or tablet.

Multiplayer online: Player vs. Player
In this mode all players worldwide can compete against each other via wireless LAN or mobile radio. You must first make an appointment for a game, for example with WhatsApp or Threema. A player invites a friend. The other one accepts the invitation. Attention, if the invitee leaves the menu, the invitation will be deleted by Google Play.

There are two worldwide ranking systems.

In multiplayer online mode, you gain experience points. You get points for every game you win. No points will be deducted for a lost game. You can always only improve. A higher score means a higher gaming experience.

In level game mode you can compare your skill level. The Tama ranking system has been modified by traditional Chinese martial arts classes.

Who wins the first matches in the level mode, quickly gets the rank of a Rabbit. In total, there are 18 different skill levels: 9 Student Ranks (Kyu) and 9 Master Ranks (Dan). However, it takes a lot of gaming experience to reach the rank of a Golden Dragon (9th Dan).

Student Degrees

  • 1 point: Blue Rabbit – 9. Kyu
  • 75 points: White Rabbit – 8. Kyu
  • 150 points: Golden Rabbit – 7. Kyu
  • 225 points : Blue Snake – 6. Kyu
  • 300 points : White Snake – 5. Kyu
  • 375 points : Golden Snake – 4. Kyu
  • 450 points : Blue Fox – 3. Kyu
  • 525 points : White Fox – 2. Kyu
  • 600 points : Golden Fox – 1. Kyu

Master Degrees

  • 675 points : Blue Eagle – 1. Dan
  • 750 points : White Eagle – 2. Dan
  • 825 points : Golden Eagle – 3. Dan
  • 900 points : Blue Tiger – 4. Dan
  • 975 points : White Tiger – 5. Dan
  • 1050 points : Golden Tiger – 6. Dan
  • 1125 points : Blue Dragon – 7. Dan
  • 1200 points : White Dragon – 8. Dan
  • 1275 points : Golden Dragon – 9. Dan

The board game costs 3.99 € in the Google Play Store. It is ad-free, does not include in-app purchases, and does not require special permissions.

Have fun!